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TBL Publications brings stories to life, common stories told in an uncommon way. This year for our inaugural, we are releasing "breakout stories" - folks breaking out of old habits, difficult situations, life-sucking careers, busting out of slaveholder mentality or prison cell hell.  Break all the rules with TBL today.


Stories of Love Beyond bars

LOVE Locked Down: Women in Relationships w/Incarcerated Men


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 This premiere novel stems from interviews conducted with 22 women who are grappling with the struggles of maintaining relationships with incarcerated men – lovers, husbands, fathers, sons.  The novel is several stories wrapped up into one that will take you through the twists and turns of a woman’s passion when love is locked away.  The book openly discusses the perils of punitive incarceration and its effect on society as well as suggests a profile of women who seek these relationships.  



          “In 1998, My mother painstakingly filled out the autobiographical questions in this lovely book for my daughter, her first granddaughter. Now in 2007, my eight year old daughter asks me to read from the book as if my mother's life is an exciting historical novel. The book is a storehouse of 

 family history and memories for future generations.”                        

                                                                                                    - Lathrup Rattler on AMAZON


Share your Stories

Grandmothers Gift of Memories: A Family Keepsake


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Share your stories and your legacy with the ones you love.  Enjoy inter-generational sharing  at its best, ensuring family time together to teach the young ones and the matriarchs are forever valued and remembered  This book is a treasure all families will cherish. A durable and elegant keepsake to record family facts and history, it is beautifully illustrated to evoke the rich tradition of quilt-making. It is designed to be filled by the grandmother for the baby with love, warmth, and humor.  Pass it down to the next generation.  For a limited time only, priced to ensure every family can own one  AUTOGRAPHED HARDCOVER


Leap into an epic love story!

Broom Jumping: A Celebration of Love


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The primer hailed for the resurgence of the jumping the broom ceremony, Broom Jumping: A Celebration of Love reframes and defines this ritual for a new generation.  Originally published in 1992, the author gives insights on the origins of the ceremony grounded in enslavement and its possible roots in African.  Regardless of its beginnings, Danita Rountree Green gives it new life by inscribing  meaning and purpose to this old tradition, noting its historic past, as well as linking its current role as a symbol of apologetic  commitment through whatever comes.