A Storytelling in Trauma Informed Care Workshop

Learning Together


Participantts will be introduced to the broad topics of race, culture and poverty, etc as well as Trauma Informed Care Practices, ACES,

mindfulness exercises and Circle Process.

Trying it on


All will be guided in the process of storytelling, storyboarding and visual story development  and movement as creative therapy,  Examining narratives that do not serve and developing ones that do.

Working it out


Youth create their own stories based on these topics.  Youth will explore various modalities in storytelling in order to create their best story - music, set design, spoken world, directing and photography.

Using the tools


The LLDTP team is diverse and uniquely qualified to address the needs and concerns of youth in marginalized communities, emphasizing reading, comprehension and intentional listening.

Becoming Community


The teams includes professional writers, musicians, movement instructors and visual artists. Visual storytelling - video, set design, photography and prop construction.

Changing the Narrative


Participants will engage with community members to develop their solution oriented stories to combat community trauma and create new narratives through storytelling that will reduce trauma.    

The Love Locked Down Theatre Project - The Play

         What people are saying about

The Love Locked Down Theatre Project

"A fresh powerful “in your face” performance!"

            “An energetic, entertaining and 

                      mind-changing event.”  
"A look at how we love, punish and prey in America; will make you weep, laugh and rejoice in the end."

The Love Locked Down Theatre Project

About the play

The Love Locked Down Theatre Project is a collection of stories on social justice, prison culture, racism and the legacy of slavery.  Through music, poetry and dance, the play examines how society is affected by these complex issues and offers remedies through restorative justice principles and peace building.  Includes a classroom guide with SOL objectives and a 15 minute facilitated discussion at the end.

Love Locked Down: The Novel by Rachel Satiafa

Women on the Outside/Men on the Inside

Love Locked Down: 

A Novel About Women in Relationships with Incarcerated Men 

examines how our views and social tolerance of incarceration has changed through the decades.  It challenges certitudes concerning social justice and reveals how incarceration affects the whole of society, including how we date, parent and relate as a community.

LOVE LOCKED DOWN is based on the true stories of 22 women interviewed over six years.  Throughout the novel, Regina meets nine women who are in locked down relationships.  All of these women share their stories which affect the outcome of Regina’s love affair.  These women, from all walks of life, represent three generations of women loving men who are locked up.  The novel examines how our views and social tolerance of incarceration have changed through the decades.  In the end, Regina knows that she has been forever changed because of this relationship; Ray has released something in her that will never die. Can the love of a convicted man to set a woman free and are all prisons made of cement walls?

AMAZON Customer Review -
 "Great book! Couldn't put it down. So many twists and turns!!"

AMAZON Customer Review -

 "Great book! Couldn't put it down. So many twists and turns!!"

The Love Locked Down Series Updates