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“A Storyteller on a Mission”

“A Storyteller on a Mission”

“A Storyteller on a Mission”“A Storyteller on a Mission”“A Storyteller on a Mission”



-Adverse Childhood Experience 

- Generational/Historical Trauma


You have to go through the steps.

One has to go through the steps.

“The first step is to acknowledge what the trauma is.  The next step is not to expect forgiveness from anyone, but to go back and repair the damage. It’s about a fixing [of] what is broken. Repairing what is broken.” 

-excerpt from her Washington Post interview on Gov. Ralph Northam , Feb 8, 2019

Danita Rountree Green is Satiafa and the BroomLady

Welcome to my story!

The Storyteller

Using the Art of Storytelling, I work to change the  fractured American narrative into a story of inclusivity and harmonic exchange. A stage and film actress. I fell in  love with words, learning how the pen and a prayer can change things. 

The BroomLady

After 25 year of weaving stories from our rich legacy, I am still best known for igniting the resurgence of jumping the broom and other rituals based in African American culture. Stories that preserve history and foster tradition.

The Playwright

The Love Locked Down Theatre Project is a collection of stories addressing the tragic impact of mass incarceration on families. Music, poetry, a community discussion, study guide for teens and mindfulness workshops are also offered.

The Facilitator

Let me teach you how to take the stress and conflict out of difficult conversations. My talking tips will change your relationships at home, at work, with strangers, family and friends.  Learn to listen intentionally and speak confidently.

Trauma Informed Care Artist and Mindfulness Coach

I conduct creative writing and crafting workshops designed to address various forms of trauma among youth, seniors, the incarcerated and many others groups, building  the Beloved Community. 

The Author / Publisher

Over a 25 year career as a writer of non-fiction and creative non-fiction (Satiafa) and 5 national tours,  I’m dedicated to helping others unravel personal narratives to craft a story that works. Let me help you bring your story to life! 

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