Art Changes Things!

Art Changes the Narrative on Trauma by Building Self-Efficacy

 Using Storytelling to Build the Beloved Community

Teaching Resilience, Community Collaboration and 

Leadership, Creative Problem Solving to Our Youth.

Art Teachs Resilience through Creative Storytelling and Theatre Workshops

The  LLDTP workshop addresses community challenges  through performance art and Trauma Informed Care (TIC) facilitation, tackling a variety of social concerns such as incarceration, school violence, bullying, peer pressure, addiction and race inequity.

Art Raises Community awareness and brings people together

          "There were things I felt but didn't know how to talk about. Learning about trauma through sharing stories with others, listening and standing in my truth, without judgment, helped me to understand my pain. And gave me a way to work through it."   -  Petersburg High School youth  (age 16)

Surry Co. Girl's Empowerment Team / Black Panther Project

Therapeutic Storytelling for ACEs /Trauma Informed Care

The Virginia Department of Health/ Crater District held the Beyond ACES Summit 2017 in the City of Petersburg.  The goal was to engage and inform community about Adverse Childhood Experience and offer ways to deal with trauma.  This video captures the AND THEN There's Hope Project that brought together teens and seniors to tell the story of a city struggling  with multiple economic hardships and historic trauma. Yet it also reveals the resilience of the generations that call it home.

Bokamoso South African Youth and Creative Wellness

 Youth peace advocates visit Children at Pine Camp Cultural Arts Center in Richmond Virginia as a goodwill gesture to promote peace and non - violence in our communities.  These 16 young adults sang, danced and shared heart wrenching stories that echo the lives of children all over the world.  This event was co-facilitated by the Peace Culture Club. 

Trauma Informed Art and Creative Storytelling

"A Storyteller on a Mission" - Changing the narrative on trauma

Therapeutic Art and Creative Storytelling addressing:

  • Implicit Bias / Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs)
  • Trauma Informed Care / Mindfulness
  • Inter-generational / Community Resilience
  • Diversity Training / Youth Leadership Workshops

Danita Rountree Green (R Satiafa) is an author, playwright and trauma healing facilitator, conducting creative workshops addressing various forms of trauma.  Using the art of storytelling, Danita unravels self-defeating narratives, helping people move through personal, generational and historical trauma using Spoken word / Visual Arts and Crafts / Performance Art / Movement

Generations Connecting Through Stories

The collective impact of storytelling  promotes cohesiveness in a community, bridging young and old, past and present, the wisdom of long-time stakeholders (seniors)  and new community investors (youth). Storytelling as a therapeutic word-based  art activity is an innovative means of teaching values, traditions and creative problem solving.   The collected stories are workshopped to uncover interesting similarities and unique differences in the lives of the youth and the elders. The elders sharing “how I got over” personal stories that demonstrate resilience.  In turn, the teens will perform their ACE stories live with each story revealing what they have learned  AND how to move through difficult times, building resilience.  Our Senior and Teen  Storytellers become performers, therapeutically acting out situations and events shared in their commun

Activities combining cognitive and motor skills always provide a way to tell a more in-depth story.

Activities combining cognitive and motor skills always provide a way to tell a more in-depth story.

10 creative workshops to choose from for youth, seniors, boards, workforce development, etc.

  • AND THEN There's Hope
  • Crowns of Creation
  • Super Hero (Comic) Resilience
  • What's On Your Mind? 
  • Fairytale Fixin'
  • Pass the Cup
  • What Makes you Tick?
  • Paper Puppet Power
  • World in Your Hands
  • A Ceremony for You

Leadership and diversity training programs are also available. 

Danita Rountree Green copyright © 2017

Raven Pierce talks about Trauma and Resilience

Surry County, Va. youth learn the importance of dealing with trauma and the resilience that comes from TIC training.  Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are stressful or traumatic events, including abuse and neglect. They may also include household dysfunction, domestic violence and substance abuse.  These teens are learning how to move through their own trauma and be a support to others.